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Head2toHead Rabbitry
Thank you for visiting us.  We are pleased to share our expertise and pictures of our bunnies with you.  We love rabbits and hope that you do too.  After spending time here we trust you will be more enthusiastic about these lovable bunnies.  Perhaps you will even take one home to have and to hold.
Bunny Playpen for Kits
Orange Holland Lop

About Head2toHead

Rabbit Nesting Burrow

Who are we?

We grew up raising rabbits, and so we always had a desire to raise them again.  When our daughter was born we knew we wanted her to grow up caring for animals.  Proverbs 10:12 teaches that, “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”  Cruelty and caring for animals are shown as opposites, so as we raise our children to be kind and caring, we also raise bunnies.
Head2toHead Rabbitry: Then and Now

Our Journey: Growing and Expanding and Helping

After our daughter was born we chose to re-enter the world of bunnies.  We began by buying out a young man who had been involved in 4-H in Arkansas.  He had excellent stock in New Zealand Whites, and we benefited from his hard work.  When we moved from Arkansas we found another rabbitry to take most of our herd.  We brought only two bucks and a few does with us.
Upon arriving in Colorado we decided to follow up with some research we had been doing about the American Silver Fox breed.  We fell in love with them, and were excited to be a part of rebuilding one of the 6 American breeds of rabbit.  We have helped children get started in 4-H raising and showing Silver Fox, and we have also helped other rabbitries to get started.  We still love this breed, but as we began to focus more on providing families with companion animals, we realized that larger breeds can be overwhelming for inexperienced families.  We began to shift our focus to smaller breeds, and helping us all the time is our favorite bunny affectionately named Slippers.  He is the gentlest kindest rabbit we've ever been around.
Slippers is our prized Holland Lop.  When we decided to change our focus to small breeds we didn't know what to look for, but I'd purchased this Holland Lop.  He was cute, and soon we realized that he had an incredibly good nature.  I obtained several small breed rabbits, but we fell in love with the Holland Lops.  Slippers wouldn't have anything else!

We love helping animals and people.  We are so excited to introduce new families to the joy filled world of bunnies.  We hope that you will love our website, and that maybe you will discover within yourself the desire to care for and raise one of our Holland Lops as a companion and member of your family.  Let us guide you into this marvelous journey, first with pictures and videos, and then if you find that you love bunnies we will help guide you through the process of adopting a bunny into your loving home.
Bunny Haven Bunny Rescue

Bunny Haven

Sometimes families find themselves in a situation where they can no longer care for their bunnies.  If you need a haven for your bunny please contact us.  We know other rabbitries, and we help find homes.  We love to serve people and care for bunnies.  If you are in Colorado and have a Holland Lop, please give us the chance to help you.  We will take Holland Lops in Colorado without charge.  If you adopted a bunny from us, we will always take it back without charge.  We can't offer a refund, but we can care for the bunny and help find them forever homes.  It is better to ask for help than to neglect an animal.  We are also a better option than an animal shelter.  Shelters should be the last resort!
Rabbit Burrow Quiet Hideaway
A Closed Rabbitry
We have a closed rabbitry to protect against disease, distress, and other complications.  The well-being of our rabbits is our priority in this area. 

Holland Lops

Left: Two of our favorite Holland Lops, Mia (with kits) and Slippers.

Holland Lops are the sweetest and cutest bunnies we have, and they are the focus of our rabbitry.  They are the smallest of the lop breeds.  We want to help Holland Lops find loving families. 

Mini Dutch

Left: Celebrian

Mini Dutch have sharp lines to their colors and sleek bodies.  They are beautiful and we are glad to have them in our herd.  We aren't as careful with preserving their breed, because crossing these rabbits to other breeds produces unique and gorgeous bunnies.  You might find one you can't wait to adopt in our Nesting Boxes.

American Silver Fox

American Silver Fox have beautiful coats with silvering throughout as they mature.  They are one of 6 American Breeds of rabbit and we are excited to have them as members of our rabbitry.  They are large rabbits.  We have both Blue and Black Silver Fox.  All our Silver Fox Rabbits are pedigreed.  We do have Chocolate Recessives.  I also help advertise for a couple other rabbitries, so if you are looking for Silver Fox please contact me and I'll be your bridge even if I don't have any currently available.  I've had customers drive from out of state from South Dakota and New Mexico just to get in on this breed.  This is for serious rabbit breeders more than pet, but definitely for 4-H.